Anti Ragging Activities


The incidences of ragging in the educational institutions have become a matter of serious concern for all right thinking people of all walks of life. The incidences of ragging have not only ruined the careers of many young students but also severely affected their families.

The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has issued clear and strict directives to the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the UGC to curb this menace of ragging which in turn has also been communicated to educational institutions for strict adherence.

As per the directives of the highest court of the country and the recommendation of the Raghavan Committee, Dr. Rammanohar Lohia Avadh University Ayodhya, has been taking effective measures against ragging, some of which are as stated below:

  • Display of posters at the prominent places in the University informing the students to abstain from ragging.
  • Circulation of the report of the Raghavan Committee constituted by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India amongst the students.
  • Constitution of Anti Ragging Committee & Monitoring Cell on Raging of University & Anti Raging Squads for the Residential Campus.
  • Affidavit from the students and their parents/guardians to the effect that they are aware of the University's stand towards ragging.

In accordance with the University's policy on anti ragging measures the students of the University shall  be essentially  required to submit the undertaking in the prescribed format.

The chair was created by the government of Uttar Pradesh for the furtherance of research based on economic and allied thinking of Dr. Ambedkar. The chair, in collaboration with the department of economics and Rural development, has been regularly organizing Lecture series, Seminars, Symposia and conducting field based studies for grass root planning

Important Links to Download
Helpline from UGC
Ragging: Circulars | Videos from UGC
Notification Regarding Anti Ragging Monitoring Cell on Ragging &Anti Ragging Flying Squad & Anti Ragging Committee.
UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009
Proforma of the Affidavit to be Submitted by the students.
Proforma of the Affidavit to be Submitted By Parent/Guardian of the students.
Report of Raghavan Committee constituted by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India on "The Menace of Ragging in Educational Institutions"

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