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University Officers and Faculty Members
Teaching and Research Departments / Institute
Department of Economics and Rural Development
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Head Of Department Dr. V.K. SRIVASTAVA vksrivastava@rmlau.ac.in9415382891
2 Professor Prof. ASHUTOSH SINHA asinha@rmlau.ac.in9415459401
3 Professor Prof. MRIDULA MISHRA mridula@rmlau.ac.in9984908747
4 Associate Professor Dr. PRIYA KUMARI priya@rmlau.ac.in9839094773
5 Guest Lecturer Dr. Pradeep Kumar Tripathi ..
6 Guest Lecturer Dr. Savita Devi ..
7 Guest Lecturer Dr. Alka Srivastava . 
Department of History Culture & Archaeology
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Head Of Department Prof. N K Tiwari nktiwari@rmlau.ac.in9919926705
2 Professor Prof. A.P. SINGH apsingh@rmlau.ac.in9415048416
3 Professor Prof. M.P.Singh mpsingh@rmlau.ac.in9918794859
4 Associate Professor Dr.Sanjay Chaudhary sanjay@rmlau.ac.in9415077097
5 Assistant Professor Dr. Diwakar Tripathi diwakartripathi@rmlau.ac.in9450181679
6 Assistant Professor Dr. Rajesh Singh rajeshsingh@rmlau.ac.in9455009400
Department of Adult, Continuing and Extension Education
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Professor Dr. Anup Kumar anupkumar@rmlau.ac.in7985150920
2 Associate Professor Dr. Surendra Mishra surendramishra@rmlau.ac.in6393261433
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Professor Prof. C.K. MISHRA ckmishra@rmlau.ac.in9721336701
2 Professor Prof. S.K. RAIZADA skraizada@rmlau.ac.in9415715957
3 Professor S S MISHRA ssmishra@rmlau.ac.in9208496286
4 Assistant Professor Dr. Abhishek Singh abhisheksingh@rmlau.ac.in 
5 Guest Lecturer Mr. Sandeep Rawat sandeep@gmail.com 
Department of Business Management and Entrepreneurship
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Professor Prof. A.K. SHUKLA ashokshukla@rmlau.ac.in9415719590
2 Professor Prof. H.S. SINGH hssingh@rmlau.ac.in9450117000
3 Professor Dr. SHAILENDRA KUMAR VERMA shailendraverma@rmlau.ac.in9415183089
4 Assistant Professor Dr. Rana Rohit Singh ranarohitsingh@gmail.com9839016560
Department of Physics and Electronics
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Head Of Department Dr. ANUPAM SRIVASTAVA anupamsri@rmlau.ac.in9415253021
2 Professor Prof. R.K. TIWARI rktiwari2323@gmail.com9415188766
3 Professor Prof. K.K. VERMA prof.k.k.verma@rmlau.ac.in8004977977
4 Professor Prof. S.N. SHUKLA sachida.shukla@gmail.com9415188149
5 Professor Prof. S.R. VISHWAKARMA shreeram@rmlau.ac.in9450671005
6 Professor Prof. GangaRam Mishra gangarammishra@rmlau.ac.in.
7 Associate Professor Dr. NARESH KUMAR CHAUDHARY nkc@rmlau.ac.in9839227818
8 Associate Professor Dr. Geetika Srivastava gsrivastava@rmlau.ac.in9935031752
9 Assistant Professor Dr. ANIL KUMAR anilkumar@rmlau.ac.in9415615292
10 Assistant Professor Dr. SINDHU SINGH sindhusingh@rmlau.ac.in9415991334
Department of Biochemistry
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Professor/ HOD Dr. Neelam Pathak neelampathak@rmlau.ac.in9532038720
2 Professor Dr. FARRUKH JAMAL farrukh@rmlau.ac.in9415075554
3 Associate Professor Dr. SANGRAM SINGH sangramsingh@rmlau.ac.in9415058408
4 Associate Professor Dr. VANDANA RANJAN vandana@rmlau.ac.in9415076627
5 Assistant Professor Dr. NEELAM YADAV neelamyadav@rmlau.ac.in9453731722
6 Assistant Professor Dr. Shivi Srivastava shivisrivastava@rmlau.ac.in 
7 On Leave Ram Lakhan Singh rlsingh@rmlau.ac.in9415716591
Department of Microbiology
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Professor/ HOD Dr. SHAILENDRA KUMAR shailendrak@rmlau.ac.in9415077035
2 Professor Dr. RAJEEV GAUR rajeevgaud@rmlau.ac.in9956754873
3 Professor Dr. TUHINA VERMA tuhinaverma@rmlau.ac.in9415076632
4 Associate Professor Dr. Ranjan Singh ranjansingh@rmlau.ac.in 
5 On Leave Dr. Vinyak Ram Tripathi . 
6 Guest Lecturer Mr. Anurag Singh . 
Department of Environmental Sciences
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Head Of Department Dr. SIDDHARTH SHUKLA siddharath@rmlau.ac.in9450767928
2 Professor Dr. JASWANT SINGH jaswant@rmlau.ac.in9415717168
3 Assistant Professor Dr. Vinod Kumar Chaudhary vinodkrchaudhary@rmlau.ac.in9451785288
4 Guest Lecturer Dr. Rudra Pratap Singh . 
Institute of Engineering and Technology
(Under Self-finance Scheme)
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Director (IET) Prof. Rama Pati Mishra ramapatimishra@rmlau.ac.in7351835666
2 Head Of Department (EE) Mr. Dilip Kumar dilip1987kumar@gmail.com8574390711
3 Head Of Department (ECE) Mrs. Manisha Yadav manishayadava2010@gmail.com8004528082
4 Head Of Department (CE) Mr. Amit Singh amitsingh4407@gmail.com8005004888
5 Head Of Department (IT) Mr. Praveen Mishra praveen12march@gmail.com9369798868
6 Head Of Department (ME) Mr. Nitesh Kumar Dixit niteshdixit11@gmail.com8770974427
7 Head Of Department (CS) Mr. Ashish Kumar Pandey ashishkpandey9@gmail.com9453671466
8 Assistant Professor (ECE) Sanjay Chauhan 38004429775
9 Associate Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. Anoop Kumar Srivastava . 
10 Associate Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. Sudhir Prakash Srivastava sudhir_ietfzd@yahoo.com9415164422
11 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. Vandita Pandey vandita.iet@gmail.com9415164422
12 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Mr. Ravi Prakash Pandey ravipandey@rmlau.ac.in8765091759
13 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. Mahima Chaurasia mahimaenv@gmail.com9454881848
14 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. Rakesh Kumar pandeyrakesh80@gmail.com9838693458
15 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. Harigovind Singh hgschemistry@gmail.com9473900273
16 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. Tarun Singh Gangwar tarungangwar@gmail.com9450447018
17 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CE) Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Pandey pandeystr@gmail.com9026321068
18 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CE) Mr. Prince Poddar princepoddar25@gmail.com7404142429
19 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CE) Mr. Sauhardra Ojha sauhadra.ojha@gmail.com9454273447
20 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CS) Mr. Chandan Arora chandankumar@rmlau.ac.in9415719963
21 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CS) Mr. Pradeep Kumar Verma vermap93201@gmail.com9415793201
22 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CS) Mr. Avdhesh Yadav cmavdhesh@gmail.com9450065467
23 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CS) Nidhi Prasad nidhiprasad0@gmail.com9452323934
24 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CS) Mr. Avadhesh Kumar Dixit dixit1008@gmail.com9336622234
25 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (CS) Mr. Piyush Rai 02piyushrai@gmail.com9794948872
26 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ECE) Mr. Ramesh Mishra rameshmishra1985@gmail.com8765248537
27 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ECE) Mr. Abhishek Srivastava abhishek200959@gmail.com9451064390
28 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ECE) Mr. Nishant Singh nishantsingh2490@gmail.com8004639178
29 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ECE) Mrs. Shambhavi M Shukla shambhavishukla@rmlau.ac.in9999763387
30 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ECE) Mr. Shri Om Mishra shriom18m@gmail.com8808314609
31 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ECE) Mrs. Shiksha Jain shiksha98jain@gmail.com9451335524
32 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ECE) Mr. Parimal Tiwari parimal.tiwari1@gmail.com9628045790
33 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (EE) Mr. Samarendra Pratap Singh samarendra045@gmail.com9532100929
34 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (EE) Mr. Avinash Kumar Pandey elect756@gmail.com9795971956
35 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ECE) Mr. Umesh Singh umeshsinghiet@gmail.com9457271290
36 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. PRIYANKA SRIVASTAVA priyanaka.srivastava73@gmail.com9415759103
37 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (Applied ScT.) Dr. Manish Singh manisrnspgc@gmail.com8795400000
38 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (EE) Mr. Ankit Kumar Srivastava aankit.srivastava32@gmail.com9451110115
39 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (MCA) Dr. Brijesh Kumar Bhardwaj wwwbkb2012@gmail.com9450784497
40 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (MCA) Mr. Dileep Kumar dileep_k_2000@yahoo.com9415716600
41 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (MCA) Mr. Rama Nandan Tripathi sonu.ramanandan@gmail.com9454885001
42 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (MCA) Mr.Amit Kumar Bhasker amit.bhasker@gmail.com9450952352
43 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ME) Mr. Umesh Chandra Verma ucv4635@gmail.com9415596253
44 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ME) Mr. Sunil Sahai sahai5351@gmail.com9415046561
45 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ME) Miss. Kriti Srivastava kritisrivastava.17@gmail.com9454073555
46 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ME) Miss. Shweta Mishra shwetamishra2592@gmail.com9616266721
47 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ME) Mr. Sunil Prabhakar sunilprabhakar5444@gmail.com9008019136
48 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ME) Mr. Deepak Agarwal deepagg23me@gmail.com9454766079
49 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ME) Mr. Anurag Singh shanu3736@gmail.com8005024044
50 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (ME) Miss Dibya Tripathi er.dibyatripathi@gmail.com9450101490
51 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (IT) Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh rajesh_mtechbu@yahoo.co.in7376878942
52 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (IT) Mr. Awadhesh Kumar Maurya aumaurya@gmail.com9721246388
53 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (IT) Mr. Vineet Kumar Singh cn.vineet@gmail.com9838809301
54 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (IT) Mr. Rajnish Pandey rajnish.8807@yahoo.com9919024342
55 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (IT) Mr. Paritosh Tripathi paritoshtripathi@rmlau.ac.in9818588530
56 Assistant Professor (Contractual) (IT) Er. Samridhi Singh samriddhisingh.711@gmail.com9005607873
57 Guest Lecturer (IT) Mr. Shobhit Srivastava shobhitan@gmail.com9794744537
58 Guest Lecturer (ME) Mr. Ashutosh Mishra ashumishra5408@gmail.com7317320744
59 Guest Lecturer (ME) Mr. Atul Sharma atulsharma329@gmail.com9452171582
60 Guest Lecturer (ME) Mr. Manoj Kumar Verma manojverma0041@gmail.com8953845878
61 Guest Lecturer (MCA) Mr.Vivek Mishra mca.vivek@rediffmail.com9794744537
62 Guest Lecturer (ECE) Er. Nupur Kesharwani . 
63 Guest Lecturer (ECE) Er. Astha Singh Kushwaha . 
64 Guest Lecturer (ECE) Miss. Pratiksha Rai . 
65 Guest Lecturer (ECE) Mr. Saumitra Pal . 
66 Guest Lecturer (CE) Mr. Amresh Kumar Yadav . 
67 Guest Lecturer (CE) Mr. Naveen Patel . 
68 Guest Lecturer (EE) Mr. Dinesh Kumar . 
69 Guest Lecturer (EE) Mr. Vipin Patel . 
70 Guest Lecturer (CS) Er. Kaushal Kishor Gupta . 
71 Guest Lecturer (MCA) Mr. Akhilesh Kumar . 
72 Guest Lecturer (MCA) Mr. Vivek Amlani . 
73 Guest Lecturer (MCA) Mr. Rajeev Kumar rajeevkumar@rmlau.ac.in 
74 Guest Lecturer (CE) Er. Ayushman Bajpai ayushmanbajpai36@gmail.com 
75 Guest Lecturer (Applied ScT.) Miss.Jyoti Yadav Jyoti92yad@gmail.com9565119633
76 Guest Lecturer (Applied ScT.) Miss. Nupur Yadav ynupur24@gmail.com9956294457
77 Guest Lecturer (ECE) Mr.Janendra Pratap janendra1987@gmail.com7905601814
78 Guest Lecturer (Applied ScT.) Dr. Neeta Tiwari neetatiwari66@gmail.com9455831100
Teachers in Self-finance Courses
Rishabh Dev Sodh Peeth
#DesignationNameEmail Id.Contact Numbers
1 Assistant Professor Dev Narayan Verma dnverma@rmlau.ac.in9451178173
S.No Designation Name Email Id. Contact Numbers
2. A.N.D MAHILA HOSTEL SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Pallavi Soni & Er. Kriti Srivastava

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