Department of Mathematics and Statistics

A Centre of Excellence Department By U.P. Government

The Department established in 1984 offers postgraduate program in Mathematics with specialization in statistics. The department offers knowledge based education to students and seeks to develop problem solving skills within the domain of mathematical spectrum. Recently the department is concentrating to take up contemporary issues including inter-group and trans-disciplinary subjects for teaching, learning and research to cope up with interfacing thrust areas of mathematical sciences at turning and cross roads of knowledge frontiers in its programs of M.Sc. and Ph.D.. Faculty members are internationally traveled and have esoteric exposure to their respective knowledge fields. Having produced around 50 Ph.D.s the faculty members have published 200 research papers, 50 of them in international journals of high impact factor. About 20 students of the department have qualified JRF/NET/GATE examinations. Almost all the faculty members have received fellowship and presented papers in International seminars. In last three years, Dr. Lal Sahab Singh visited USA, Greek and Italy, Dr. C.K. Mishra, Head of Department visited China, Germany and Hungary while Dr. S.S. Mishra visited Ethiopia, Switzerland, Romania and USA for their substantial paper presentation. National conferences, Mathematical Olympiad and Lecture Series are the regular features of the department. This year the department has organized a national seminar sponsored by Department of Higher Education, Govt. of UP. Prof. Satish Kumar Tripathi, B.U. University, USA and Prof. Kamal Nayan Agarwal, Howard University, USA delivered lectures in the department. The department is also associated with National Board of Higher Mathematics; Government of India.

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