Tender for RADDI (waste material) Tender reference no: L.A.V/BHANDAR/2018/429 Tender id: 2018_RMLAU_172865_1 for details Please visit https://etender.up.nic.in Click Here
Tender notice For supply of Desktop Computers Tender id: 2018_RMLAU_135633_1 Tender Reference No: TEQIP-III/UP/iraf/1 for details Please visit https://etender.up.nic.in Click Here
tender for supply of answerbook tender reference no:LAV/BHANDAR/2017/412 2017tender id:_RMLAU_119693_1 Click Here
for various items supply tender invited please visit https://etender.up.nic.in website.for other details 1 for sports items tender reference no :12017_RMLAU_118373_1 2 for electric items tender reference no :22017_RMLAU_118132_1 3 for Stationary items tender reference no :32017_RMLAU_118109_1 4 for Plumbering items tender reference no :42017_RMLAU_118138_1 5 for Physiothearpy items tender reference no :52017_RMLAU_118381_1 Click Here
e-Tender for Water & Fire Proof Arch Type Demo Structure without Pillers Shamiana Tent for detailed information visit www.etender.up.nic.in for online tender document. Search the tender with tender id : 2017_RMLAU_97182_1 , or tender reference no: etender no 395/2017-18 , or tender title: Pandal and other works Click Here