Paper Presentation List
M-01 Time Fractional Order Thermoelastic Problem In A Thin Circular Plate With Internal Heat Generation
J. Verma , K. C. Deshmukh
M-02 On Certain Special Finsler Spaces Of Dimension Five
Anamika Rai, S. K. Tiwari
M-03 On The Existence Of Non-Affine Motion In Symmetric Con-Circular In Finsler Space
Shiv Prakash Mishra, Sukh Raj Singh
M-04 Hv – Recurrent Finsler Connections With Deflection And Torsion
S.K. Tiwari , C.P. Maurya
M-05 Reconstruction Of Observational Constraints On Cosmological Parameter In Exponential Power Law Cosmology
Anjani Kumar Shukla
M-06 A Mathematical Model Of Two Phase Hepatic Blood Flow Through Artery In The Presence Of Stenosis During The Liver Abscess
V. Upadhyay , Niharika Tiwari, P.N. Pandey
M-07 A Mathematical Model On Two Phase Cerebral Circulatory System With Stenosis With Special Reference To Bacterial Meningitis.
Kashee Prasad Barroh, V. Upadhyay, A.K. Agrawal, P.N. Pandey
M-08 A Mathematical Formulation Of Liver Abscess In Human Artery
Niharika Tiwari, V. Upadhyay, A.K. Agrawal, P.N. Pandey
M-09 A Graphical Presentation Of Mathematical Model Of Two Phase Coronary Blood Flow Through Coronary Artery With 30% Stenosis During Angina
Sunita Mishra, V. Upadhyay, P.N. Pandey
M-10 Pv Symmetric Finsler Spaces
S. K. Tiwari , Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary
M-11 Interior Schwarzchild Manifold: Analysis Of Entropy For An Increasing Mass Compact Object
Prasanta Choudhury
M-12 Evolution Of Scale Factor With Cosmic Time While A Homogeneous Is Considered
Promila Biswas
M-13 Thermodynamic Stabilities Analysis Of Cosmic Acceleration: Different View From Distinct Dark Energy Models
Mahendranath Paul
M-14 A Fuzzy Type Backlogging Inventory Model For Perishable Items With Two Components Of Demand Rate
Sushil Kumar , U.S. Rajpur
M-15 Hemodynamical Modeling In Two Phase Pulmonary Circulation During Inflammation
Dheerendra Kumar, V. Upadhyay, Surya Kant Chaturvedi ,P. N. Pandey
M-16 A Study Of Environment Problem Based Partial Differential Equation
Ayaz Ahmad
M-17 On The Weyl Curvature Inheritance In A Finsler Space
D.D.S. Yadav
M-18 On Α-Para Kenmotsu 3-Manifolds With Ricci Solitons
Avijit Sarkar
M-19 Cesàro Difference Sequence Spaces And Its Dual
Shadab Ahmad Khan, Ashfaque A. Ansari
M-20 Inventory Model For Weibull Distribution Deterioration With Negative Exponential Demand Under Trade Credits
R. P. Tripathi , Hari Shyam Pandey
M-21 Mathematical Model Describing Effect Of Human Rights Violation On Income
Ankit Kumar , Akhilesh Tripathi, Anil Agrawal
M-22 Regular Fuzzy Biclosure Spaces
Richa Tripathi, Manjari Srivastava, Anil Agrawal
M-23 Fourier Series Summable By Product Summability Methods
Suyash Narayan Mishra
M-24 Convergence Behavior Of Lacunarytrigonometric Interpolation
Ravindra Kumar Katheriya, Swarnimabahadur
M-25 A Generalization Of The Extension Form Of The Hahn-Banach Theorem
Nafis Ahmad
M-26 Chaos Control Stability Analysis And Functions Projective Synchronization Of Satellite System For Incommmensurate Case
Vijay Kumar, Vijay Kumar Shukla
M-27 Super Quasi-Einstein Manifolds With Applications To General Relativity
Sahanous Mallick
M-28 Some Results On Normal Almost Contact Metric Manifolds Of Dimension Three
Sujit Ghosh
M-29 Study Of Tutte Theorem To Count Spanning Tree
Sudhir Prakash Srivastava, Rakesh Kumar
M-30 Projective Curvature Tensor On Lp-Sasakian Manifolds
Krishnendu De
M-31 New Three – Step Steffensen Simpson Method With Seventh Order Convergence For Solving Nonlinear Equations Using Halley Method
Najmuddin Ahmad , Vimal Pratap Singh
M-32 A Literature Review On Probabilty Models Of Demographic Evants
Himanshu Pandey
M-34 A Non-Newtonian Mathematical Model On Two Phase Hepatic Portal Vein Blood Flow In Cirrhotic Portal Hypertensionj
Anil Kumar, V. Upadhyay,A . K. Agrawal P. N. Pandey
M-35 Conformal Change Of Douglas Space Of Second Kind With Certain Special (α,β)- Metric
K.B. Pandey
M-36 Function Projective Synchronization Of Fractional Order Satellite Systems And Its Stability Analysis For Incommensurate Case
Mayank Srivastava
M-37 A Mathematical Analysis Of Artery With Special Reference To Jaundice
Rizwan Ahmad Khan, A.K.Agrawal, Dr. Virendra Upadhyay
M-38 Existence And Uniqueness Results On Nonlinear Singular System With Coupled Integral Boundary Conditions
Priti Pathak, Amit K. Barnwal
M-39 Cr-Submanifolds Of A Lorentzian Para-Sasakian Manifold Endowed With The Canonical Semi-Symmetric Semi-Metric Connection
Janardan Prasad Ojha
M-40 On Weighted PA ´L Type (0,2)-Interpolation On The Unit Circle
Sariya Bano , Swarnima Bahadur
M-41 Onset Of Electrothermal Convection In Rotating Dielectricmaxwelliannanofluid Layer Saturating A Porous Medium
Veena Sharma, Sumna Devi, Anuradha Chowdhary, Abhishek S.Harma
M-42 Overstable Magneto-Thermal Convection In A Viscoelastic Ferromagnetic Fluid Saturating A Porous Medium
Veena Sharma, Kavita, Abhilasha, Sumit Gupta
M-43 Stability Of Stratified Dusty Viscoelastic Walters' (Model B^') Fluid/Plasma In The Presence Of Quantum Pressure Saturating A Porous Medium
Veena Sharma, Anukampa Thakur, Anuradha Chowdhary, Abhishek Sharma
M-44 Conformal Slant Riemannian Maps From Almost Product Riemannian Manifolds
Shashikant Pandey
M-45 η-Ricci Solitons On 3-Dimensional Kenmotsu Manifolds
Abhishek Singh
M-46 Study Of Numerical Accuracy Of One Dimensional Heat Equation Bybender-Schmidt Method, Crank-Nicholson Difference Method And Du Fort And Frankel Method
Shiv Charan , Najmuddin Ahmad
M-47 Certain Results On -Ricci Solitons In Α-Sasakian Manifolds
Puneet Kumar Gupt
M-48 Stability Analysis And Performance Evaluation Of Seiqrv Model In Wireless Sensor Network
Abhay Singh, Pramod Kumar Srivastava
M-49 A Mixed Decomposition Cubic Spline Approach For The Numerical Solution Of Singular Boundary Value Problem
R. K. Pandey
M-50 Different Techniques Of Controlled“Living” Radical Polymerization
Anamica , P. P. Pande
M-51 Propagation Of Waves In A Thermoelastic Diffusive Medium Under The Effect Of Microtemperature
M-52 Moment-Based Features For Optimal Shapes Using Error Norms
Vinay Saxena
M-53 A Study Of Sn Mesotopics
Rashmi Singh, Anuj Kumar Umrao
M-54 Synchronization Between Fractional Order Complex Chaotic Systems
Subir Das , Vijay K. Yadav
M-55 Refelection Of Plane Waves In A Fiber Reinforced Thermoelastic Half Space With Diffusion
Kavita Jain, Sunita Deswal, Kapil Kumar Kalkal
M-56 Effect Of Diffusion On Thermoelastic Solid With Microtemperatures
Reetika, Kapil Kumar Kalkal
M-57 Unified Integral Inequality Comprising Pathway Operators
A. M. Mishra, D. Baleanu, S. D. Purohit
M-58 One-Dimensional Solute Transport For Uniform And Varying Pulse Type Input Point Source Through Heterogeneous Medium
Atul Kumar , R.R. Yadav
M-59 Decomposability Of Curvature Tensor In Second Order Recurrent Conformal Finsler Space
Gautam Lodhi
M-60 Notes On Legendre Curves In Generalized Paracontact Metric 3-Manifolds
Sachin Kumar Srivastava, Kanika Sood, Mayrika Dhiman,Anuj Kumar
M-61 On A Pseudo Projective Recurrent Sasakian Manifolds
Abhishek Singh, Ramesh Kumar Pandey, Amit Prakash , Sachin Khare
M-62 On Einstein (Lcs)N Manifolds
Vibhawari Srivastava , Sudhir Kumar Srivastava
M-63 A Class Of Multivalent Harmonic Functions Involving Multiplier Transformation
Vimlesh Kumar Gupta
M-64 An Inventory Model Of Deteriorating Items With Controllable Deterioration Ratehaving Time Dependent Demand Rate With Partial Backlogging
Rakesh Kumar
M-65 On Roughpremerotopic Spaces
Rashmi Singh ,Jayanti Tripathi Pandey
M-66 A Geometrical Study Of Wang-Chen System In Viewof Kcc Theory
M. K. Gupta
M-67 A Study Of Cr-Structure And Structure Satisfying
Jyoti Khare
M-68 Optimization Of Flow Of Eoq And Individual Profit Of Bargaining Players In Supply Chain Network With Analysis Of Linking Cost
Prem Prakash Mishra
M-69 Dual Solution And Stability Analysis Of Nanobiofluid Boundary Layer Flow Through Stretching Cylindrical Surface
M Ferdows, Samia Shahrin
M-70 Numerical Solution Of Euler Equations With Gravity Using Hllc Method
R. K. Gupta, Pooja Gupta , P. Singh
M-71 Hyper-Surface Of A Semi-Almost Hermitian Manifold
Pankaj Pandey
M-72 Reliability Analysis And Optimization Using Vague Logic Based On Statistical Data
M. K. Sharma , D. Pandey
M-73 Indicatrix Given By A Square Change Of (Α, Β) – Metric
Mohammad Rafee, Avdhesh Kumar, G.C. Chaubey
M-74 On Copula-Based Regression Estimation
Ashok Kumar Pathak
M-75 Study Of Fuzzy Rough Approximation Space On Residuated Lattices
Jayanti Tripathi, Tripti Kapoor
M-76 Modular Group Algebras Of Lie Nilpotency Index 8p-6
Meena Sahai , Bhagwat Sharan
M-77 On Properties Of Lie Recurrent Lightlike Hypersurfaces Of Indefinite Almost Hyperbolic Hermitian Manifold
Sushil Shukla
M-78 Partial Nondegerate Finsler Spaces With The Metric
Shivalika Saxena, P. N. Pandey
M-79 On Partial Nondegerate Lagrange Spaces
Suresh K. Shukla, P. N. Pandey
M-80 Improvement In Exponential Ratio Estimator For Population Mean Under Simple Random Sampling
S. K. Yadav
M-81 Flow And Heat Transfer In A Rectangular Enclosure Filled With Dusty Nanofluid
M.K. Sharma , Manjeet
M-82 On Ricci Pseudo-Symmetric Mixed Generalised Quasi-Einstein Hermitian Manifolds
B. B. Chaturvedi , B. K. Gupta
M-83 Hypersurface Of A Finsler Space With Randers Change Of Special Metric
Ganga Prasad Yadav , P. N. Pandey
M-84 A Mathematical Model (Herschel-Bulkley) For Venules On Two Phase Renal Blood Flow With Special Reference To Diabetes
Harish Chandra, V. Upadhyay
M-85 Finsler Space Subjected To A Generalized Kropina Change With An H-Vector
Akansha ,P. N. Pandey
M-86 Synthesis, Spectral And Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Studies
On M(Ii) Complexes With 2-Hydroxy-Benzoic Acid (Phenyl-Pyridin-2-Yl-Methylene)-Hydrazide
Divya Pratap Singh
M-87 Rs Bianchi Type – I Cosmological Model With Polytropic Equation Of State
R. K. Dubey, Shishir Kr. Srivastava
M-88 A Non-Newtonian Fluid Model For Two Phase Renal Blood Flow In Venules Using Herschel-Bulkley Model With Special Reference To Kidney Infection (Uti).
Neelam Bajpai, V. Upadhyay
M-89 On KӒhler Quasi-Einstein Manifolds
Vibha Srivastava, P. N. Pandey
M-90 Grag On A Fluid Embedded In Porous Medium With Zero Spin Condition
Pankaj Shukla, R. Selvi
M-91 A Modified Leslie-Gower Model With Nonlinear Harvesting
Vandana Tiwari
M-92 Group Algebras Of Lie Nilpotency Index 14
Harish Chandra
M-93 A Fixed Point Theorem For Non Compatible Mappings In G-Metric Space
Shikha Agarwal
M-94 A Generalized Fixed Point Theorem In Fuzzy Metric Space
Manoj Garg
M-95 On Cr-Structures And F-Structure Satisfying F4n + F4n-1 +.....+ F2 + F = 0
Abhishek Singh
M-96 A Study Of Cr-Structures And F_λ (2K+5,5) - Gf-Structure Satisfying F^(2K+5)+λ^2+F^5=0
Abhishek Singh, C.K. Mishra And Sumit Kumar
M-97 Generalized Sasakian-Space-Form With W4 Curvature Tensor
Abhishek Singh, C. K. Mishra , Ram Nivas
M-98 On Certain Transformation Formulae For Basic (Q-) Hypergeometric Function By Using Some Wp Bailey’s Pairs
Akash Kumar Srivastava, Neera A. Herbert
M-99 Effect Of Inclined Magnetic Field On Mhd Flow Of A Viscoelastic Fluid Flowing Through Porous Channel
Karuna Dwivedi, R.K. Khare, Ajit Paul
M-100 On Randers Change Of Hyperbolic Cosine Finsler Metric
Rishabh Ranjan, P. N. Pandey , Ajit Paul
M-101 Steady Mhd Mixed Convection Newtonian Fluid Flow Along A Vertical Stretching Cylinder Embeded In Porous Medium
R. S. Yadav, P. R. Sharma, Sharad Sinha
M-102 Effect Of Radiation On Unsteady Mhdtwo-Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Through A Channel
Kalpna Sharma
M-103 Numerical Study Of Mhd Slip Flow And Heat Transfer Along A Stretching Cylinder With Suction/Injection
Sushila Choudhary , P. R. Sharma, O. D. Makinde
M-104 Unsteady Mhd Water Based Cuo, Al2o3, Tio2 Nano-Fluid Flow Past A Permeable Stretching Vertical Surface Embeded In Porous Medium
Sharad Sinha, P. R. Sharma And R.S. Yadav
M-105 Hydromagnetic Radiative Convection Flow In A Vertical Channel With Temperature Dependent Viscosity And Viscous Dissipation And Heat Generation/Absorption
N. P. Singh, V. Upadhyay, A. K. Agrawal , Khilanand Gupta
M-106 The Average Sum Method For The Unbalanced Assignment Problems
Sarvesh Kumar Dubey, Avanish Kumar, Virendra Upadhyay
M-107 A Mathematical Model On Two Phase Blood Flow In Pulmonary Arteries During Emphysema
Arti Tripathi, V. Upadhyay, Sunita Mishra, P.N. Pandey
M-108 On A Conformally Invariant Wave Solution In Higher Order Field Equations.
S. N. Pandey , Sacheendra Shuklay
M-109 Geometry Of Kaehler-Norden-Golden Manifolds And Harmonicity
Rakesh Kumar, R. K. Nagaich
M-110 Linear Connections On Manifold Admitting F(2k + 5, 5)-Structure
Abhishek Singh, Abhiram Shukla, And Ram Nivas
M-111 Optimization Of Queueing System Using Fuzzy Paradigm Approach
S.S. Mishra , B.B. Singh
M-112 Group Algebras Of Lie Nilpotency Index Upto 14
Suchi Bhatt , Harish Chandra
M-113 Optimization Of Inventory Control Techniques With Lead Time: A Comparative Study
Ram Sagar Singh
M-114 True Multipartite Entanglement And Its Applications In Secure Communication
Ramij Rahaman
M-115 Combined Effect Of Hall Current And Rotation On Mhd Radiative Convection Flow Past An Accelerated Porous Plate With Suction/Injection And Heat Generation/Absorption
Jitendra Singh Rajput , N.P. Singh
M-116 Modeling The Toxic Effect Of A Substanceon A Biological Species After A Time Delay
A.K. Agrawal
M-117 Effect Of Reprotoxic On A Biological Species: A Model
Anuj Kumar Agarwal
M-118 Application Of Dual Contraction Mapping In Menger Space
Piyush Kumar Tripathi
M-119 Branch-Bound Computational Technique For Multi-Objective Sum Of Fractional Optimization Problem
Deepika Agarwal, Pitam Singh
M-120 Similarity Solutions For An Exponential Shock Propagating In A Mixture Of Perfectly Conducting Non-Ideal Gas And Non-Conducting Small Solid Particles In Magnetogasdynamics
J. P. Vishwakarma , Reena Shrivastava
M-121 Bayesian Estimation Of Stress-Strength Reliability Parameter For Inverse Lomax Distribution Under Progressive Censoring
Dr. Abhimanyu Singh Yadav
M-122 Effect Of Stress Jump Condition On Stokes Flow Past A Porous Spherical Shell Of Variable Permeability With Cavity At The Center
Rajeev Kumar Verma ,Vineet Kumar Verma
M-123 Darcy – Brinkman Ow Past A Porous Cylindrical Shell
Vineet Kumar Verma , Hariom Verma
M-124 Optimal Batting Strategy In Twenty-Twenty Cricket
Dr. K.K.Dubey, Swati Agnihotri
M-125 Mathematical Model On Stationary Information System In A Distributed Service Network
Suchita Gupta
M-126 The Displacement And Strain Fields Due To A Center Of Rotation In Viscoelastic Half-Space
Nishu Verma, Kuldip Singh
M-127 Mhd Boundary Layer Flow Over An Cone Embedded In Porous Media With Joule Heating
Santosh Devi , M.K.Sharma
M-128 A Study Of The Propagation Of A Planer Normal Shock Wave Into A Homogenous Dust Gas Suspension
M-129 Generalised Quasi-Sasakian Manifold Admitting Semi-Symmetric Non Metric Connection
Ajai Kumar Srivastava
M-130 An Anlysis Of Logistic Model For Fish Harvesting
Dr. Umesh Kumar Gupta
M-131 On A Subspace Of A Locally Dually Flat Finsler Space
Siddhi Kesarwani, P. N. Pandey
M-132 On A Subspace Of A Special Finsler Space
Vivek Kumar Pandey, P. N. Pandey
P-01 Quasicrystal: A Complex Intermetallic Compounds
T.P. Yadav, M. A. Shaz, N.K. Mukhopadhyay , O.N. Srivastava
P-02 Oscillating Surface Plasmons At Quantum Dot/Liquid Crystal Interface Emanating Enhanced Fluorescence
Aradhana Roy, Kaushalendra Agrahari , Rajiv Manohar
P-03 Experimental Study Of Electrical And Optical Characterization Of Aluminum Thin Film Deposited By Physical Vapor Deposition (Pvd) Technique On Glass Substrates.
Gobinda Prasad Panta, Deepak Prasad Subedi
P-04 Phase Frustration On Single Long Josephson Junction Of Mgb2 Superconductor
Shanker Pd. Chimouriya, Bal Ram Ghimire , Ju H. Kim
P-05 Application Of Magnetic Field Containing Relativistic Tight-Binding Approximation (Mfrtb) Method For Two-Dimensional Materials Immersed In The Uniform Magnetic Field
Dipendra Hamal, Katsuhiko Higuchi
P-06 Concentration Dependent Physical Parameters Of Weakly Polar Nematic Liquid Crystal Doped With Nanoparticles
Bhupendra Pratap Singh, Rajiv Manohar
P-07 Effect Of Varying Viscosity On Two-Layer Model Of Blood Flow Through Porous Blood Vessels
Ashish Tiwari, Satyendra Singh Chauhan
P-08 Study Of Plasmon On Carbon Nanotubes
Daya Shanker , Abhishek Tiwari
P-09 Impact Of Dispersion And Applied Bias On Immaculate And Graphene Oxide Dispersed Nematic Matrix
Ayushi Rastogi, Rajiv Manohar
P-10 Cds-Tio2 Nano Composite Thick Film Sensor For Lpg Detection
Ankit Kumar Vishwakarma, Lallan Yadav
P-11 Ultrasonic Characterization Of Nano-Structured W-Bn
Chandreshvar Prasad Yadav , Dharmendra Kumar Pandey
P-12 Behaviour Of Electric Pressure With Temperature <100>+<111> Tunnelling Model With Electric Field Along<110> Direction
Dev Narayan Pandey, Mukesh Upadhyay
P-13 Structural And Optical Study Of Thermally Evaporated Cuse Thin Films
Brijesh Kumar Yadav , Pratima Singh
P-14 Mems Fabrication
Anupam Srivastava , Priyanka Pandey
P-15 Method Of Wavelet Technique For Noise Reducing From The Variables Of Chaotic System
Arti Shukla , A.K. Mittal
P-16 Quark Effects In Deformed Bags
Madhulika Mehrotra
P-17 Taxanediterpenoids As Microtubule Stabilizers: Docking, Adme/T And Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Hari Om Gupta , Umeshyadava
P-18 Electronic Structure And Ir Assignments Of Aromatic Bis-Amidine Derivative, An Anti-Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia Drug
Ramesh Kumar Yadav, Sanjai Kumar Yadav ,Umeshyadava
P-19 Development Of Bis-Amidines As Novel Anti-Pneumocystis Drugs: Molecular Modeling Studies
Sanjai Kumar Yadav, Ramesh Kumar Yadav, Umeshyadava
P-20 Humidity Sensors Based On Zinc Oxide–Zinc Tungstate Nanocomposite
Karunesh Tiwari, N. K. Pandey
P-21 Dielectric And Optical Behavior Of Tio2 Doped Weakly Polar Nematic Liquid Crystals
Geeta Yadav, Rajiv Manohar
P-22 Effect Of Calcium Substitution On Dielectric Behavior Of Bati0.85sn0.15o3
Sindhu Singh
P-23 Global Properties Of Uranium-Uranium Collisions At vSnn =193 Gev
Ashwini Kumar, Shreyansh Agarwal, B. K. Singh
P-25 Novel De Vries Liquid Crystals- Dielectric And Infrared Spectroscopy
Neelam Yadav,R. Dhar, V. P. Panov, J. K. Vij
P-26 Dielectric Relaxation In Se90cd2in8 Glassy Alloy
Nitesh Shukla, H. P. Pathak, D K Dwivedi
P-27 Synthesis And Dielectric Studies Of Mwcnts Added Cuseingechalcogenide Glasses
Priyanka Jaiswal,D. K. Dwivedi
P-28 Raman Spectra Of Multicomponent Ge10-Xse60te30inx Chalcogenide Thin Films
Pravin Kumar Singh, Nitesh Shukla , D.K.Dwivedi
P-29 Comparative Study Of Thermal Analysis In Se78te18m4 (M = Sb, Ge) Glassy Alloys
Vandita,Rao, D.K.Dwivedi
P-30 Au5+ Ion Implantation Induced Changes In Structural And Phonon Properties Of Ferroelectric Bi0.5na0.5tio3
Preeti Tamrakar , P.K.Bajpai
P-31 Effect Of Au¬¬5+ Ion Implantation On The Structure And Phonon Behavior Of Barium Stannate
Sharmila Bajpai , P. K. Bajpai
P-32 Studies Of Structural, Optical And Electrical Properties Of Cdte Thin Films
Devendra Kumar Mishra, Kartikey Shriram , Anil Kumar
P-33 Effect Of Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes On Electro-Optical Parameters Of Nematic Liquid Crystalline Material
Deepa Singh, Manoj Bhushan Pandey, Ravindra Dhar , R. Dabrowski
P-34 Influence Of Swcnts On Electrical And Electro-Optical Parameters Of Nematic Liquid Crystalline Material
Upendra Bahadur Singh, Manoj Bhushan Pandey , Ravindra Dhar
P-35 Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Coo/Co/Ps/Si (100) Thin Films As A Function Of Film Thickness
A. Sharma , J.Tripathi, Yogesh Kumar, R.Bisen, S. Tripathi, D. Kumar, Pooja Gupta, M. Gupta , V. R. Reddy
P-36 Van Der Waalls Interactions Play A Crucial Role During Mythyl Transfer In Ns5 Protein Of Japanese Encephalitis Virus (Jev): Docking And Qm/Mm Study
Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, R. P. Ojh, Vinayak Pandey, Gargi Tiwari , Vishnu Datt Pandey
P-37 Microwave Satellite Signal And Its Loss Evaluation In Dense Forest Of Jaspur Area Of Chhattisgarh
P-38 Laboratory Evaluation Of Scattering Coefficients Of Dust Particles In Sand And Dust Storm
Sunil Gupta, S.K.Srivastava
P-39 1-D Photonic Heterostructures Composed Of Metamaterials
Rinki Jain , J. P. Pandey
P-40 Transmission Spectra Of 1-D Photonic Quantum-Well Structures Containing Meta-Materials
J. P. Pandey , Rinki Jain
P-41 On The Propagation Of Perfectly Polarized Light Through Turbulent Atmosphere
Ravi S. Singh
P-42 Humidity Sensing Studies Of Nanoporous Zinc Tungstate Ceramic Sensor Anupam Kumar Tripathi, Narendra Kumar Pandey, Vidhu Tripathi, Karunesh Tiwari
P-42 Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles By Chemical Method And Its Effects On Thermal And Dielectric Behaviour Of Nematic Liquid Crystalline Material
Pratibha Tripathi, Mukesh Mishra, Sandeep Kumar, Roman Dabrowski, Ravindra Dhar
P-44 Application Of Liquid Crystals And Their Nano-Composites In Organic Photovoltaics A Khare, R Dhar
P-45 Effect Of Samarium Doping On The Vibrational And Optical Properties Of Charge Compensated Sr1-3x/2smxsno3 Compositions
Rakesh Kurre, Sandhya Yadav, Sharmila Bajpai And P.K. Bajpai
P-47 Effect Of Mn Doping On The Electrical Properties Of Baxsr1-Xtio3ceramics
Ratnamala Ganjir, C.R.K. Mohan, K.N. Singh, P.K. Bajpai
P-48 Holography: Application, Challenges And Future Trends
Priyanka Srivastava
P-49 Generation Of Higher-Order Squeezing By The Beam Splitter With Third-Order Nonlinearity
Devendra Kumar Mishra
P-50 Comparative Study Of Solar Cycle 23 To 24
Anand Praksh Tiwari, Ajay Kumar Saxena
P-51 Electronic Structure And Ir Spectra Of A Nematic Liquid Crystal: A Computational Study
Dipendra Sharma ,Sugriva Nath Tiwari
P-52 Electronic Structure And Vibrational Spectra Of An Hiv Drug: Stavudine
Gargi Tiwari, K. K. Dwivedi , Dipendra Sharma
P-53 Computational Study Of Electronic Structure And Vibrational Spectra Of A Hiv Drug: Nevirapine
Karunesh Kumar Dwivedi, Dipendra Sharma And Sugriva Nath Tiwari
P-54 Ab-Initio And Ir Study Of A Nematic Liquid Crystal: 4-N- Heptyl -4´-Cyanobiphenyl
M. K. Dwivedi, D. Sharma And S. N. Tiwari
P-55 Review On Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Rahul Uttam , Ravindra Dhar
P-56 Filled Skutterudite Semiconductor Ceos4as12
Amit Shankar, Ram Kumar Thapa
P-57 Effect Of Co-Evaporation Process On Cigs Solar Cells With Reduced Absorber Thickness And Efficiency Enhancement
Lakshman Singh
P-58 Variation In Gcrs Due To Solar Activity Between 1996-2018
B.K.Tiwari , Chetna Tiwari
P-60 Fabrication &Charaterisation Of Metal Oxide Decorated Graphene Based Nanocomposite
Prashant Kr. Singh , Pratima Pandey ,Jose Mathew , Avinash C Pandey
P-61 Li+ Induced Chiral Intramolecular Charge Transfer Metallogel
Manish Kumar Dixit , Mrigendra Dubey
P-62 K - Shell Ionization Cross Sections Of Light Atoms
Dr. Neelam Tiwari Pandey
P-63 A New Class Of Solution For Spherically Symmetric Anisotropic Charged Fluids.
Shailendra Kumar
P-64 Analysis Of Thermal Properties Of Organic Solar Cell At Different Device Temperatures
Ashish Chaudhary, Vinod Kumar Singh, Narender Singh, Nikhil Rastogi
P-65 Impedance Spectroscopic Dynamics Of Dendric Liquid Crystal
Anoop K. Srivastava
P-66 Role Of Plasmon On Carbon Nanotubes In Presence Of Magnetic Fields
Kaushalendrakumar Saxena , Daya Shanker
P-67 Single Electron Transfer Between Two Donor Of Rabi Oscillation In Few Photon
Rajeev Kr. Srivastava, Sameer Sinha, Vivek Kumar , Vinay Kumar Pandey
P-68 Light Orientation Of Indoplanorbis Exustus: The Causative Organism Of Fasciolosis
Anupam Pati Tripathi, V. K. Singh, Ravi S. Singh
P-69 Structural And Optical Properties Of Mn Doped Zns Samples
Anupam Srivastava, Atul Shukla
P-70 Chalcogenide Glasses For Sensor Application: A Review
Surabhi Mishra ,D.K.Dwivedi
P-71 Shape And Size Dependence Of Debye Temperature For Metallic Nanoparticles
Brijesh K Pandey, Ratan L Jaiswal, Sachin
P-72 On Change In Refractivity Of The Atmosphere Prior To Earthquake/S
K. N. Pathak , Sheetal P. Karia
P-73 Optical-Magnetic Characteristics for Dual Optical Window: A Case of NaGdF4:RE3+ and FexOy/SiO2/NaGdF4:RE3+ Nanoparticles
Navadeep Shrivastava,*a Angelique Louie,b Carlos Jacinto,c Giorgio Zoppellaro,d S. K. Sharma**
P-74 Annealing effect on hierarchical structure of Ge ion implanted SiO 2 matrix using multifractal technique
Vikas Baranwal 1*, R. P. Yadav 2 , Sunil Kumar 3 , Avinash C Pandey 2 , A. K. Mittal 4
C-01 Selectivity Of Raw And Treated Waste Water Of Satahariya Drain Effluents For Various Purposes In Jaunpur (U.P)
C-02 Green Protocole For Sequential C-N And C-O Bond Formation Using Maolecular Iodine
Sunil Kumar Singh
C-03 To Study Reactivity And Stability Of Pyridine And Isomers Of Pyridine Derivatives With The Help Of Mndo Method.
Dr. Dilip Shukla
C-04Synthesis And Biological Activity Of Some Novel Nucleosides Containing [1, 3, 4] Oxadiazolenone Core
Shipra Verma , Alok Kumar Srivastava
C-05 An Environmentally Benign Synthesis Of Newer (E)-2(3-(Trifluorometyl)Styryl)-1h-Benzo[D]Imidazole Based Mannich Base: Their Biological Evaluation, Molecular Docking And Molecular Dynamic Simulation
Vatsal M. Patel, Navin B. Patel
C-06 Impact Of Infrastructural Developments Due To Deteriorating Air Quality On Human Health In Varanasi Division
Ananya Singh, Ranjana Singh , N.P. Singh
C-07 Pyrene-Functionalized Luminescent Receptors For Cations Sensing
M. D. Pandey
C-08 A Brief Review On Lethal Chemical Agents And Munitions, Protection And Decontamination
Rajani Singh
C-09 Tin(Iv) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, Computational Studies And Cytotoxicity Studies
Nitesh Jaiswal , Raj Kumar Dubey
C-10 Synthesis And Characterization Of Mcm-41 Nanoparticles As A Potential Drug Delivery Cargos
Pawan Kumar Pandey, Alka Agarwal
C-11 Synthesis, Spectral And Antimicrobial Studies Of Heterobimetallic System Containing Cu (Ii)-Ag (I) With N & O Donor Schiff Base Ligands
Afreen Anjum, Manoj Kumar, Sikandar Paswan , Raj Kumar Dubey
C-12 Study Of Metal Complexes Involving Glycocymin As Ligands
Pamakshi Singh
C-13 Aloevera Polysaccharide Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization And Targeted Drug Delivery Of 5-Aminosalicylic Acid
Lalit Mohan Dwivedi, Tulika Malviya, Vandana Singh
C-14 Role Of Libs In Phyto-Elemental Analysis Of Moringa Oleifera Responsible For Glycemic Management
Shikha Mehta, Prashant Kumar Rai, Geeta Watal
C-15 Chemical Sciences Molecular Docking Studies Of Potent 1,3 Disubstituted-9h-Pyrido[3,4-B]Indoles Antifilarial Compound
Jitendra Kumar Yadav, Alka Agarwal
C-16 Polymeric Dabco-Bromine Complex-Catalysed Oxidative Cyclisation Of Acylhydrazones To 2, 5-Substituted 1, 3, 4-Oxadiazoles
Arvind Kumar Pandey, Akhilesh Kumar ,N. F. Ansari, I. R. Siddiqui Shailendra Tiwari
C-17 Studies Of Isopropoxide Bridge Hetero-Bimetallic Complexes: Synthesis, Morphology, Spectral And Antimicrobial
Manoj Kumar, Afreen Anjum, Sikandar Paswan , Raj Kumar Dubeysynthetic
C-18 Estimation Of Some Thermodynamic Properties Of Binary Mixtures Of (C6e2+ 1° Alcohols) At Temperature 288.15k Using Empirical Relations.
Sunil Shukla
C-19 Qsar Modeling Of Thiazole Derivatives As Novel And Potent Hiv-1 Nnrt Inhibitors
Neetu Sharma, Ranjana, A. K. Srivastava
C-20 Effect Of Steroidal Glycoalkaloid On Liver Protin
Padmakshi Singh
C-21 Synthesis, Characterization And Application Of Some Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles:
Subhash Chandra Shrivastava, Shekhar Srivastava
C-22 Cu(Ii)-Metallacycle Fabricated From Disulfide Co-Crystallized Ligand, Acts As Reusable Dual-Channel Metalloreceptor For Ca2+ And Fe3+ Ions
Rampal Pandey
C-23 Miraculous Effect Of Modified Titania For Controlling Indoor Air Pollution And Human Health
Satyendra Singh
C-24 A Visible Light Initiated, One-Pot, Multi-Component Synthesis Of 2-Amino-4-(5-Hydroxy-3-Methyl-1h-Pyrazol-4-Yl)-4hchromene-3-Carbonitrile Derivatives Under Solvent- And Catalyst-Free Conditions
Deepali Jaiswal, Jagdamba Singh
C-25 Qsar Study Of The Antioxidant Activity Of Flavonoids With Electron Density And Molar Volume As Descriptors
Hemlata Shukla, S.B. Singh
C-26 The Kinetics And Mechanism Of Ligand Substitution Reaction Between Octahedral Complex And Heterocyclic Ligand Catalysed By Palladium In Aqueous Medium, And Its Applications
Basant Kumar , R M Naik
Envirmental Science
ENV-01 Volume Transport Of Indian Ocean And Indonesian Throughflow Region In A Fine Resolution Ocean Model Of 1/12˚
Vivek Kumar Pandey, Lav Kumar Bajpai, Yaduvendu Singh , Nishtha Agrawal
ENV-02 Southern Ocean Sea Ice Variability Around The Indian Antarctic Stations
Anurag Kumar, Suneet Dwivedi
ENV-03 Evaluation Of Fermentation Kinetics For Decolorization Potential Of Bacillus And Aureobasidium Sp
Anurag Singh, Rajeeva Gaur
ENV-04 A Novel Bioreactor Model For Continuous Decolorization Of Distillery Effluent Using Immobilized Cells Of Bacterial And Yeast Strains
Anurag Singh, Rajeeva Gaur
ENV-05 Variability In The Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall And Changes In The Tropospheric Temperature In A Global Warming Scenario
Pushpa Pandey, Suneet Dwivedi
ENV-06 Simulation Of Contrasting Progression Phase Of Indian Summer Monsoon During June 2013 And 2014 In Regcm4.5
Alok Kumar Mishra, Suneet Dwivedi
ENV-07 Chemical Analysis And Potability Of Some Water Bodies Of Balrampur District,Of Uttar Pradesh, India
Ravindra Kumar Pandey
ENV-08 The Response Of Hydrodynamical Tropical Cyclone Vortex On The Magnetic Field Of Earth
Nishtha Agrawal , Vivek Kumar Pandey
ENV-09 Carcinogenicity Of 2-Chloroacetamide On Development Of Drosophila Melanogaster
Sarika Gautam, Ajai Kumar
ENV-10 Isolation, Screening And Optimization Of Bacterial Culture T-2 For Decolorization Of Acid Blue 113 Textile Azo Dye
Pradeep Kumar Singh, Rajat Pratap Singh A. Ram Lakhan Singh
ENV-11 Analysing The Role Of Different Vertical Parameterization Schemes Over The Tropical Indian Ocean
Lokesh Kumar Pandey, Suneet Dwivedi
ENV-12 Quantifying Chlorofluoro Carbons (Cfc-11 , Cfc-12) Over The Indian Ocean Using The Ocean Biogeochemical Modeling
Amita Singh,Suneet Dwivedi , Alok Kumar Mishra
ENV-13 Effect Of Changing Environment On Malaria Outbreak Over The Indian Subcontinent
Shweta Chaturvedi ,Suneet Dwivedi
ENV-14 Use Of An Essential Oils And Biological Control Agents For An Effective Biocide Development Against Phytopathogens
Renu Shukla, Anurag Singh, Soni Tiwari , Rajeeva Gaur
ENV-15 Hepatoprotective Role Of Curcumin Against Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Toxicity In Rats
Sangram Singh, Richaagarwal, Vandanaranjan , Farrukh Jamal
ENV-16 Effect Of Antioxidant And Antidiabeticactivity Of Different Parts Of Nelumbonuciferagaertn.Onalloxan Induced Diabetic Albino Rats
Kalpana Shukla, Neelam Chaturvedi
ENV-17 Isolation And Characterization Of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria From Rhizosphere Of Potato Plants
Pratishtha Sharma, Dilip K Swain, Ankur Gupta
ENV-18 Conformational Dynamics Of S100a1 Protein Signify Propagation And Translocation Of Calcium Ions
Navaneet Chaturvedi
ENV-19 Changing Utility Patterns Of Gomati River With Due Consideration Of Rising Water Pollution Level
Pramod Kumar Vishwakarma , n.P.Singh
ENV-20 Differential Activation Pattern Of Erk In Amygdala Sub-Nuclei Have Role In Epigenetic Regulation Of Fear Response
Vandana Ranjan, M.Y. Khan, Anand Prakash, Farrukh Jamal, Sangram Singh
ENV-21 Impact Of Climate Change On Phytoplankton Diversity Of Two Estuaries Of Goa
Rudra P. Singh , Jaswant Singh
ENV-22 Isolation And Screening Of Biosurfactant Producing Chromate Resistant Indigenous Bacteria From Tannery Effluent
Richa Pandey , Tuhina Verma
ENV-23 The Influence Of A Trypsin Inhibitor From Litchi Chinensis Seeds On The Developmental Physiology Of H. Armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Sabiha Khatoon, Sangram Singh, Vijay Kumar Shukla, Farrukh Jamal
ENV-24 Reuse Of Bacterial Treated Industrial Waste Water In Crop Production: Strategy To Boost Sustainable Agriculture
Tuhina Verma
ENV-25 Role And Functional Suitability Of A Soluble Peroxidase From Trichosanthes Dioica In Dye Decolorization
Vijay Kumar Shukla, Sangram Singh, Sabiha Khatoon, Farrukh Jamal
ENV-26 Screening Of Plant Growth Promoting And Biocontroling Bacteria From Medicinal And Aromatic Plants
Tirankari Mani Tripathi
ENV-27 Evaluation Of Hepatoprotective Effects Of Resveratrol On Toxicity Induced By Acetaminophen In Isolated Rats Hepatocytes
Richa Agarwal, Sangram Singh, Farrukh Jamal
ENV-28 Esx System Proteins: Potential Drug Target In Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Swapnil Mishra, P.N. Panday
ENV-29 Influence Of A Trypsin Inhibitor From tamarindusindicaseeds On The Developmental Physiology Of helicoverpa Armigera
Farrukh Jamal, Prabhash Pandey , Sangram Singh
ENV-30 Attenuation Of Coda Waves In Northeast Himalayas, India
Priyamvada Singh
ENV-31 Protective Effect Of Emblica Officinalis And Terminalia Chebula Against Hydroxyl Radical Induced Oxidative Dna Damage And Ccl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity
Rasna Gupta, Pradeep Kumar Singh And Ram Lakhan Singh
Computer Sciences
COM-01 A Survey On Use Of Search Based Optimization Techniques In Software Engineering
Sanjiv Sharma, S. A. M. Rizvi, Vineet Sharma
COM-02 A Study On “ Software Security ” For Information Systems: E-Portals
Vineet Kumar Singh, Paritosh Tripathi, Sanjeet Pandey
COM-03 Multi Level Feedback Queue Scheduling Using Vague Sets
COM-04 A Comprehensive Review Of Image Contrast Enhancement Techniques
Avadhesh Kumar Dixit, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav
COM-05 Dft Analysis Of Psd Approach Applied On Eeg Signals For Diagnosis Of Epilepsy
Alpika Tripathi, Geetika Srivastava, P. K. Maurya
COM-06 Two Way Sort : A New Approach For Sorting List To Reduce Execution Time
Nidhi Prasad
COM-07 An Overview Of Current & Future Trends In The Areas Of Wireless Mobile Communications With Different Applications In India
Praveen Mishra, Parimal Tiwari, Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-08 The Role & Use Of Mobile Information And Communication Systems
Shobhit Srivastav, Vineet Kumar Singh, Paritosh Tripathi
COM-09 “Zigbee” Technology Use In Wsn
Paritosh Tripathi, Ramesh Mishra, Sanjeet Pandey
COM-10 Physical Attacks & Issues In Wireless Sensor Networks
Sanjeet Pandey, Ramesh Mishra, Paritosh Tripathi
COM-11 Security Challenges And Their Solutions In Ad-Hoc Network
Abhay Dwivedi, Parimal Tiwari ,Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-12 The Function Of Tcp: In A Wireless Scenario
Shobhit Srivastav, Vineet Kumar Singh, Paritosh Tripathi
COM-13 An Overview Of Current & Future Trends In The Areas Of Data Security In Local Network Using Firewall
Parimal Tiwari, Vineet Kumar Singh, Paritosh Tripathi
COM-14 An Overview Of Current & Future Trends In The Areas Of Wireless Sensor Networks And Their Key Challenges
Parimal Tiwari, Ramesh Mishra, Paritosh Tripathi
COM-15 Intrusion Detectionn(Id) Security System In High Traffic For Mobile Adhoc Network
Ramesh Mishra , Parimal Tiwari, Paritosh Tripathi
COM-16 A Different “Encryption Techniques” Use In Network Security
Paritosh Tripathi, Ramesh Mishra, Sanjeet Pandey
COM-17 A Review On The Measures Against Security Threats In Wsn Routing Techniques
Rahul Kumar Pandey, Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-18 Network Security: Security Threats It's Time To Take It Seriously
Rahul Kumar Pandey, Sanjeet Pandey, Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-19 Adolescent: End User Challenge
Abhay Dwivedi, Vineet Kumar Singh, Paritosh Tripathi
COM-20 A Survey On Vanet Security Through Position And Speed Verification
Kavita Srivastava, Taskeen Zaidi
COM-21 Wireless Sensor Network Security Goal Analysis
Sandhya Rawat, Ramesh Mishra, Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-22 Development Of Situation Awareness Based On Computer Vision For Autonomous Vehicle Navigation.
Ravi Prakash Pandey, Chandan Kumar, Pradeep Kumar Verma
COM-23 A Modern Characteristic Scheme Of Refurbish Software Components
Paritosh Tripathi, Dr Brijesh Bhardwj, Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-24 The Architecture And Functions Of Layers Of “Osi Reference Model”
Sanjeet Pandey, Ramesh Mishra, Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-25 Osi Reference Model: A Brief Study & Overview
Vineet K.Singh, Paritosh Tripathi, Sanjeet Pandey
COM-26 Osi Deploy Network Conflict Identification Model: An Advance Review
Kavita Srivastva, Dr Brijesh Bhardwaj, Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-27 The Various Software Architectures Work Model
Vineet K.Singh, Sanjeet Pandey, Brijesh Bhardwaj
COM-28 The Current And Future Application Of Data Mining: A Review
Brijesh Bhardwaj, Kavita Srivastava, Vineet K. Singh
COM-29 Data Mining: Generation Of Erp Database
Sanjeet Pandey, Paritosh Tripathi, Vineet Kumar Singh
COM-30 Iot Based Gas Leakage Detection System Using Raspberry Pi
Alok Singh, Aniket Gupta
E-01 H-Shaped Microstrip Antenna For Rfid
Rajesh Kr Vishwakarma , K.K Verma
E-02 Mathematical Model Of Image Segmentaion Techniques
Naresh Kumar Chaudhary, Rajan Chaturvedi
E-03 A Novel Cnn Based Method For Finding The Abnorilities In Multilead
Medical Ecg Data
E-04 Study Of Low Power And High Speed Cmos Compound Pair Amplifier
Gaya Prasad Tiwari ,Raj Kumar Tiwari
E-05 Study And Evaluation Of Ber Performance For Cofdm System By Ai Method
Santosh Kumar Gupta , Geetika Srivastava
E-06 Time And Frequency Analysis Of Bruxism Sleep Disorder Using Eeg Signal
Mohd Maroof Siddiqui, Geetika Srivastava ,Syed Hasan Saeed
E-07 Laser Security System Using Iot
Aditya Kumar , Shipra Saraswat, Saurabh Singh, Geetika Srivastava
E-08 Tcp/Ip: Security Issues & Solution
Parimal Tiwari, Vineet Kumar Singh, Sanjeet Pandey
E-09 Mathematical Model Of Image For Image Processing
Naresh Kumar Chaudhary
E-10 A Study Of Low Power High Speed Fully Differential Active Filter Using Cmos Amplifier
Shiksha Jain, R.K. Tiwari, G.P. Tiwari
E-11 Design And Analysis Of Switched Capacitor Sample And Hold Circuit For Low Power And High Performance Application In 180nm Cmos Technology Using Eldo Simulator
Snigdha Tripathi, Vivek Kumar, Dr. Geetika Srivastava
E-12 Qualitative Analysis Of Modified Small Signal Triple Darlington Amplifier
Arvind Kumar Dwivedi, Sachchidanand Shukla
E-13 Small-Signal Modified Darlington’s Amplifiers
Jitendra Singh, Sachchidanand Shukla
E-14 Small Signal Amplifier With Modified Sziklai Pair Topology
Pratima Soni, Sachchidanand Shukla
E-15 Bluetooth Low Energy: A Breakthrough In Wireless Sensor Data Monitoring
Dr. Geetika Srivastava, Dr. Sachidanand Shukla
E-16 Detection Mechanism Of Metal Oxide Gas Sensor Under Uv Radiation
Kavita Mall, Abhinav Shukla, U.N. Tripathi, Manish Mishra
E-17 Comparative Analysis Of Wide Band Amplifier Circuit Developed By Modifying Conventional Darlington Pair Amplifier
Satyendra Nath Tiwari, Vinod Kumar Singh, Sachchidanand Shukla
E-18 Top Gate Planner Cntfetusing Nanohub
Abhinav Shukla,U.N. Tripathi, Manish Mishra
E-19 Small-Signal Sziklai Pair Amplifiers Using Pspice Circuit Simulation Software
Prem Kumar Singh, Sachchidanand Shukla
E-20 Vehicle License Plate Recognisation
Shambhavi Mudra, Manas Tiwari
E-21 A Review Paper On Detection Of R Peak In Electrocardiogram
Neha ,Shambhavi Mudra ,Paritosh Tripathi
E-22 Impact Of Gate Dielectric On Gate Capacitance, Drain Current And Transconductance For Mosfet, Nanowire Fet And Cntfet Devices
Manas Tiwari , Shambhavi Mudra
E-23 A Review Paper Onli-Fi (Light Fidelity)
Akanksha Singh ,Roopam Mishra ,Janendra Pratap
E-24 A Review Paper On Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Monitor
Deepika Verma ,Shambhavi Mudra ,Roopam Mishra
E-25 A Review On Hyperloop Mode Of Transportation
Harshvardhan Singh , Parimal Tiwari ,Ramesh Mishra
E-26 A Review Paper On Microelectromechanical System
Anusuiya Monika Tiwari , Roopam Mishra
E-27 Simulation Of Optical Transmission System Using Fiber Bragg Grating (Fbg) In Optical Fiber
Sindhu Singh, Sachchidanand Shukla, Priyanka Sharma , Minakshi Singh , Shipra Singh , Shephali Yadav , Priti Yadav , Naresh Kumar Chaudhary
E-28 OFDM System for Wireless Communication and its Applications
Namrata Yadav, Geetika Srivastava
TECH -01 Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Epoxy Syntactic Foams Filled With Hnts
Balramjaiswal, A.V.Ullas, K.N. Pandey, R.M.Mishra
TECH -02 Design & Development Of Plastic Material For Safety Toe Cap
Anil Kumar Tiwari, Sanjay Choudhry
TECH -03 A Statistical Approach For Opinion Mining: On Publishing Industry
Shobhit Srivastava, Avdhesh Yadav
TECH -04 A Study Of The Effect Of Balancing Posture Yoga Asanas On Memory
Aradhana, Amritesh Kumar
TECH -05 Therapeutic Approach For Treatment Of Hemophilia A Disease By Transplantation Of Bone Marrow Stem Cells
Neelam Yadav
TECH -06 Therapeutic Effect Of Triphala Rasayana On Acetaminophen- Induced Hepatotoxicity
Yoganchal Mishra , Neelam Yadav
TECH -07 Analysis Of Impact Of Holistic Yoga On Controlling The Hypertension Using Statistical Approach
Anurag Soni , S.S. Mishra
TECH -08 The Effect Of Swaddhyay On The Mental Health Using Statistical Approach
Gayatri Verma , S. S. Mishra
TECH -09 Yogic Sciences Approach To Controlling Obesity
TECH -10 Analysis Of Impact Of Tratakas Using T- Distribution Of Statistics
Alok Tiwari
TECH -11 Statistical Study Of Impact Of Kapalbhati On 30 Allergic Patients
Mahima Upadhyay
Young Scientist Award Presentation
PYSA-01 Investigation Of Uv Absorbance, Photoluminescence And Response Time For The Nematic Liquid Crystal Dispersed With Tio2 Nanoparticles
Govind Pathak , Rajiv Manohar
PYSA-02 Nonclassical Properties Of Non-Gaussian Two-Mode Quantum Vortex State
Vikram Singh , Devendra Kumar Mishra
PYSA-03 Charm Particle Contribution In Muon Flux At Ultra High Energies
Sharda Pandey , Satendra Kumar Chauhan
PYSA-04 Origin Of Time
Raj Kumar Maurya
PYSA-05 Modulation Of Galactic Cosmic Rays (Gcrs) During Solar Minimum Of Sc 23/24
B. K. Tiwari Chetna Tiwari
PYSA-06 Introduction And Retrieval Method Of Digital Pathology: A New Data-Bank
Dr.Naresh Kumar Chaudhary , Ashutosh Kumar Rao
MYSA-01 On The Randers Conformal Change Of A Finsler Space With M-Th Root Metric
Manoj Kumar
MYSA-02 Expansion-Free Self-Gravitating Dust Dissipative Fluids
Rajesh Kumar
MYSA-03 Biological Model Of Dengue Spread With Non-Markovian Properties
Sonal Jain
MYSA-04 Radial Velocity And Density Profile Analysis For Viscous Dark Energy Accretion Onto Supermassive Black Holes
Ritabrata Biswas
MYSA-05 Estimation Of Population Mean When Non-Response Occurred At Current (Second) Occasion In Two Occasion Rotation Patterns
Surya K. Pal , Housila P. Singh
MYSA-06 Effect Of Magnetic Field On Ow In A Composite Cylindrical Channel Using Brinkman Model
Sanjeeva Kumar Singh
MYSA-07 Williamson Skew-Type Symmetric Matrices Through Partition Method
Naseer Ahmad Malik, Hrishikesh Mahato
MYSA-08 A Diffusive Predator-Prey Model With Additional Food
Jai Prakash Tripathi
MYSA-09 Optimum Cost For A Fuzzy Model For Deteriorating Items With Declining Demand And Varying Holding Cost
S. Rawat , S. S. Mishra, S.K. Yadav
MYSA-10 Mra And Dual Mra On Sobolev Space Over Local Fields Of Positive Characteristic
Ashish Pathak
MYSA-11 Development Of An Improved Median Based Estimation Technique Of Finite Population Mean In Sample Surveys
Dharmendra Kumar Yadav
MYSA-12 Characterizations Of Certain Hankel Transform Involving Riemann-Liouville Fractional Derivatives
Komal Khatterwani , S.K.Upadhyay
MYSA-13 Ecg Signal Denoising Using Level Based Decomposition Of A Novel Wavelet
Prateep Upadhya, S.K. Upadhyay, K.K. Shukla
EYSA-01 Implementation Of 2x2 Vedic Multiplier Using Cmos Technology
Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal, Maharishi Vaish, K.K.Verma
EYSA-02 Design And Analysis Of Reversible Realization Of Even And Odd Parity Generator And Checker Circuits
Vandana Shukla, R. K. Tiwari, G. R. Mishra
EYSA-03 A Smart Algorithm That Enables An Artificial Eye Into An Intelligent Artificial Eye
Ankita Tiwari, O.P. Singh, G.R. Mishra, R.K. Tiwari
EYSA-04 A Novel Design Of Half Adder Using Gdi Technique For Efficient Area And Low Power Application
Sana Saleem, Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal, Ramapati Mishra, K.K.Verma
EYSA-05 Effect Of Heat Treatment On Structural And Optical Properties Of Ge8se60te30in2 Thin Film For Optical Data Storage
Pravin Kumar Singh, D.K.Dwivedi
EYSA-06 Experimetal Analysis Of Electrodermal Activity And Validation Using Hrv
R. P. Tripathi, G.R. Mishra, R.K Tiwari
EYSA-07 Classification Of Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia (Vta) Using Wavelet Transformation And Probabilistic Neural Network
Shipra Saraswat, Geetika Srivastava , Sachidanand Shukla
EYSA-08 Automatic Voice Assistance System For Visually Impaired
Anupam Bhardwaj, Geetika Srivastava, Sachidanand Shukla
CYSA-01 Novel Carbohydrate-Derived Ligands For Cu(I)- Catalyzed C-O/C-S Coupling Of Amides/Thioamides For The Synthesis Of Benzoxazoles And Benzothiazoles
Nidhi Mishra , Vinod K. Tiwari
CYSA-02 Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, Dft Calculations And Biological Activities Of N-Arylsalicylaldiminate Derivatives Of Diorganotin(Iv)
Avadhesh Pratap Singh , Raj Kumar Dubey
CYSA-03 Synthesis And Characterization Of Starch Fe0nps Silica Composite And Its Application In Catalytic Degradation Of Remazol Brilliant Violet Dye.
Surabhi Gupta, Vandana Singh
CYSA-04 Application Of Flory’s Statistical Theory To Binary Liquid Mixtures Of Oxolane + Aniline, Oxolane + N-Methylaniline,, Oxolane+ N-Ethylaniline At 303.15, 313.15, And 323.15k.
COMYSA-01 A Technique Of Clustering For Energy Optimization Cooperative Mimo Based Wsn
Ramesh Mishra, Parimal Tiwari , Vineet Kumar Singh