Invited Lectures List
IT-01 Hermite-Padé Approximation Approachto Thermal Stability Of Variable Viscosity Poiseuille Flow Of Nanoliquids (Fellowship Award Lecture)
Prof. O. D. Makinde
IT-02 Modelling Of Fluid Flow For Human Health Care (Fellowship Award Lecture)
K. Tankeshwar
IT-03 A Chronological Account of My Research Endeavour (Fellowship Award Lecture)
S.N. Upadhyay
IT-04 Discontinuity At Fixed Points And Completeness (Prof. T. Pati Memorial Lecture)
R. P. Pant
IT-05 Bicyclic Baird-Type Aromaticity
Prof. Tavarekere K. Chandrashekar
IT-06 The Role Of Transition Elements In The Design Of New Inorganic Pigments
Prof. Srinivasan Natarajan
IT-07 Uncertainty And Mathematical Physics
S. B. Nimse
IT-08 Accelerators And Societal Benefits
Prof. P. Singh
IT-09 Growth And Characterization Of Technologically Important Crystals For Piezoelectric Applications
Prof. Binay Kumar
IT-10 How Mathematics Can Help In Rescuing The Planet Earth
H S Dhami
IT-11 Herbal Drugs And Phytodiversity Conservation
IT-12 Histo And Interval Type Of Data Space
P. Nagabhushan
IT-13 Dialectics Of Nature: New Approaches To Computing
Prof. Nazmul Siddique
IT-14 Characterizations Of Lorenzian Manifolds
Prof. Uday Chand De
IT-15 Possibility Of Controlled Material Modificationsusing Synergistic Effect Of Low Energy Ion Beams.
P. K. Bajpai
IT-16 An Analysis On Direct Input Data For Pulsatile Flow Of Blood In A Human Cardio-Vascular System (Cvs)
P. R. Sharma
IT-17 Fluorescence Based Detection Of Medically And Environmentally Relevant Species Under Nearly Physiological Conditions
Subodh Kumar
IT-18 Unprecedented I2/NH4OAc Mediated Regioselective Synthesis Of 2-Aroyl-3-Arylimidazo[1,2-A]Pyridines From1,3-Diaryl-Prop-2-En-1-Ones
Kamal K. Kapoor
IT-19 Engineering Molecules To New Chemotherapeutics
R. P. Tripathi
IT-20 Study Of Phosphorene Based Heterostructures
Sunita Srivastava
IT-21 Accurate Methods For Solving A Class Of Fractional Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problems
Prof. Muhamed Ibrahem Syam
IT-22 Strongly Correlated Electron Systems And New Forms Of Quantum Statistics
Prof. Ashok K. Mishra
IT-23 Coevolution Of Human-Specific Intelligence And Language Genes
Basant K Tiwary
IT-24 Inverted Mexican Hat Potential In Activation Of Receptor Cells
V. Sree Hari Rao _
IT-25 Some Aspects Of Signal Processing In Problems Of Bioinformatics
D. K. Bhattacharya
IT-26 Computing Science & Related Intellectual Pursuits In Ancient & Medieval India: Some Historical & Cultural Aspects
Manohar Lal
IT-27 Some Results On Null Holomorphically Flat Indefinite Almost Hermitian Manifolds
R. K. Nagaich
IT-28 Einstein Criterion For Finsler Space With Special (α,β)-Metrics
Narasimhamurthy S.K.
IT-29 Climate Information Application For Minimizing The Losses And Harnessing The Opportunities In Agriculture Sector
Dr. Jothiganesh S.
IT-30 Study Of Rayleigh-Benard Convection Using Cubic-Quintic Ginzburg-Landau Equations
Prof. P G Siddheshwar
IT-31 Ion Beams And Lasers For Synthesis, Modification And Characterization Of Nanomaterials
Anand P Pathak
IT-32 Significance Of Patent & IPR Tools For True Research Culture
D P Bhatt
IT-33 Understanding Low Dimensional Manifolds For Geometry And Analysis Some Open Problems
T. Venkatesh
IT-34 Base-Mediated And Protection Free [4+2] Cycloadditions Of Alkynes With Azadienes: An Efficient Assembly Of Functionalized Quinolines
Akhilesh Kumar Verma
IT-35 Quasi-Static Deformation Of A Uniform Thermoelastic Half-Space Due To Seismic Sources And Heat Source
Anil K. Vashisth
IT-36 Mechanochromism In Benzothiadiazole Derivatives
Rajneesh Misra
IT-37 Bilinear Varying Deceleration Parameter In Alternative Theories Of Gravitation
R.K Mishra
IT-38 Solving Graph-Theoretic Problems In A Quantum Computing Platform
Dr. Anuradha Mahasinghe
IT-39 Application Of Fractional Order Theory Of Thermoelasticity To A 2d Problem For A Thin Hollow Circular Disk With Instantaneous Heat Source
Prof. K. C. Deshmukh
IT-40 Antimalarial Drug Discovery : A Long Journey
Satish Kumar Awasthi
IT-41 Liquid Crystalline Materials Doped Of Nano Particles, Nano Tubes And Quantum Dots For Various Technological Applications
Ravindra Dhar
IT-42 Binary Nanofluid Convection: Mhd Effects
Urvashi Gupta
IT-43 Design And Development Of Compact Broadband And Ultra Band Antennas For Modern Communication Systems
Deepak Bhatnagar
IT-44 Graphene And Its Oxide Induced Changes In Characteristics Of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals.
Rajiv Manohar
IT-45 Charge Transfer Of Hydrogen Rydberg Molecules With Doped Si Surfaces.
Dr. G. Sashikesh
IT-46 Recent Advances In The Field Of Synthetic Inorganic And Metallo-Organic Chemistry Of Transition And Main Group Elements
Raj Kumar Dubey
IT-47 Deep Learning: A New Era Of Machine Learning
Aparajita Ojha
IT-48 Mittag-Leffler Function
Ajay Shukla
IT-49 Distance Preserving Point-Transformations In A Finsler Space
H. S. Shukla
IT-50 Phytochemicals Affecting Man’s Health
R.A. Sharma
IT-51 Natural Convection Flow Of Fractional Nanofluids: Rheological Model
Veena Sharma
IT-52 Isotopic Mass Effect On The Charge Transfer Cross Sections In Proton, Deuteron And Triton Collisions On Sodium Atom.
IT-53 LIBS: Quality Control Tool For Food Materials
Awadhesh Kumar Rai
IT-54 Natural Cellular Immunity In Histoplasmosis
Ram P. Tewari
IT-55 Design, Synthesis & Biological Evaluation Of Nitrogen Containing Heterocyclic Scaffols
Prof. Navin. B. Patel
IT-56 Metal Oxide Nanomaterials For Humidity/Gas Sensing Studies
Narendra Kumar Pandey
IT-57 Incomplete Fusion Reactions In Heavy Ion Interaction: Recent Results
B. P. Singh
IT-58 Studies Of 1,2,3-Triazole Tethered Chalcone And Flavone Hybrids As Potentienal Cytotoxic & Antimicrobial Agents
Alka Agarwal
IT-59 The Scientific Story Of Our Indian National Calendar
Jai Prakash Chaturvedi
IT-60 Deformation Of An Anisotropic Elastic Medium
N. R. Garg
IT-61 High Performance Computing Paradigms
P K Mishra
IT-62 Climate Change Implications And Management Strategies
Dr S D Attri
IT-63 Molecule Of Millennium; In Human Welfare - Taurine; & Its Analogues: A New Class Of Therapeutics
R. C. Gupta
IT-64 Themoluminescence Analysis Of Dose Response Of Lungvai Natural Salt Collected From Kolasib District Of Mizoram, India
Ramesh Chandra Tiwari
IT-65 Pseudo-Differential Operators Associated With Homogeneous Symbols
S. K. Upadhyay
IT-66 Design And Synthesis Of Atom Economic Stereo/Enantioselective Synthesis Of Deoxy Sugar Based Natural Steroidal Glycosides Analogous
Naveen K. Khare
IT-67 Characteristics Governing Dynamics Of Whirlwinds
Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Jagdish Prasad Maurya
IT-68 Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus: An Analytical Study
Sheela Misra
IT-69 Global Behaviour Of Geodesics
Gauree Shanker
IT-70 Benzotriazole Ring Cleavage (Btrc): Opportunity In Organic Synthesis
Vinod K Tiwari
IT-71 Molecular Structure And Interactions In Liquid Crystals
Sugriva Nath Tiwari
IT-72 Polarization Of Light And Photonic Quantum Processor
Ravi S. Singh
IT-73 Simulation And Modeling
P. K. Sharma
IT-74 Fixed Points And Contraction Mappings
Yumnam Rohen
IT-75 Effect Of Pressure On Opto-Electronic Properties Of Zinc Oxide Phases: DFT Study
Madhvendra Nath Tripathi
IT-76 Sustainable Development Of Nuclear Physics Program In India
Tarkeshwar Trivedi
IT-77 Solute Binding Proteins: Structure, Function And Their Role In Functional Annotation
Umesh Yadava
IT-78 Next Generation Semiconducting Non-Oxide Glasses For Optical Memory Applications
D. K. Dwivedi
IT-79 Phytomitigation Of Toxic Effects Of Xenobiotics
Ram Lakhan Singh
IT-80 Concept Of Reversible Logic Circuit And It’s Applications
Prof. Raj Kumar Tiwari
IT-81 Seasonal Deteriorating Items Inventory Model For Ramp Type Demand Pattern And Time Dependent Deterioration With Partial Backlogging
Prof. L. S. Singh
IT-82 Trans-Sasakian Manifolds With Quasi Conformal Curvature Tensor
C. K. Mishra
IT-83 Small-Signal Amplifying System With Sziklai Pair Topology
Sachchidanand Shukla
IT-84 Some New Generating Functions For Hypergeometric Functions- A Lie Group Theoretic Approach
S. K. Raizada
T-85 Formulation Of A Biocide For Effective Control Of Rhizoctonia Solani And Sclerotium Rolfsii
Dr. Rajeeva Gaur
IT-86 E-Waste Challenge To The Environment And Its Management
Jaswant Singh
IT-87 MWCNT Filled Nanocomposites:Fundamentals,Synthesis,Electrical, Dielectric, Thermal And Structural Properties
Prof.K. K. Verma
IT-88 Fuzzy Paradigm Approach To Optimum Cost Analysis Ofinventory Flow Through Supply Chain
S.S. Mishra
IT-89 Microwave Radiation Hazards and its Remedy: An Effective Electromagnetic Modeling (Physics)
Dharmendra Singh
IT-90 Interdisciplinary Mathematical Modeling: Scopes & Challenges (Maths)
Prof. M.K.Sharma
IT-91 Free Radical Mediated Chemical Mechanisms in the Development and Treatment of Cancer (Chemistry)
IT-92 The effect of surface and dipole-dipole interactions on the magnetic properties of novel nanoparticle systems (Physics)
S. K. Sharma, Navadeep Shrivastava
IT-93 Challenges and Opportunities on the Bio-Management of Plant Health for Food Security (Env)
Buddhi Ratna Khadge
IT-94 A New class of fuzzy contractive mappings and fixed point theorems
Dhananjay Gopal a Satish Shukla b, Wutiphol Sintunavaratc
IT-95 Mathematics in Nepalese Architecture
Jib Raj Pokharel